About SEsort

SEsort was founded in 2023 to provide data analysis tools for Structural Engineers. We are focused on creating useful tools and plugins that integrate with SAP2000.

The Problem

Structural analysis models continue to become more complex due to building code changes, increases in computing power, and shifting client expectations. You, as a Structural Engineer, can spend a considerable amount of time processing the data from your models to obtain results that are useful to actually design structures. Even then, important insights into your design can be lost in hundreds of thousands of rows of data. And it is not always clear if last-minute changes to a project will have an adverse effect on your completed design.

Our Solution

Our tools automatically process data from your SAP2000 models to generate intuitive summaries and provide new insights. Our tools help you save time, optimize your designs, reduce errors, and ensure that your models are behaving as you intend. We aim to create easy-to-use tools that will fit into your workflow. You can use our tools from start-to-finish on a project, or you can use them to back-check to your own in-house tools.